Wednesday, September 26


you know, blogging is really hard to do on a daily basis. especially when danya hoggs the computer and never lets me use it. and what is there to blog about?!?!?!? i have no exciting blogs and no exciting events that are happening in my life.


Thursday, September 13


VANESSA HUDGENS IS RETARDED. did you not hear?! she took a nude picture for denied love Zac Efron. That's just stupid. really stupid. And now, she's fired from Disney and there replacing her for hsm3 with that on girl from the Cheetah Girls. you know, the one with like the brownish blondish curly hair who's latina. yes, THAT ONE. First of all the Cheetah Girls is stupid, they can't act or sing. HER AS GABRIELLA? yuck. I've always hayed Vannesa Hudgens, but now i hate her more. and all the little kids that looked up to her and wanted to be like her probably HATE her. that's just sad. oh and don't try to find the picture, because it's all over the internet and i've been trying to avoid seeing the picture.


Wednesday, September 5


is going to be the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tomorrow is the first day of schoooooool! CHA! i'm soooooooo excited. i need school and i need to see my friends that i haven't seen since the last day of school. ):


by the way, i'm watching my new favorite show on Nick jr. called YO GABBA GABBA, and the guy from Nacho Libre was on it and he was DANCING! it was sooooo funnnnny!!!!

Friday, August 31


with summer. i hate summer. summer, I HATE YOU! i need school. i want school. i want HOMEWORK! ugh. 5 days and my life will be much better!

Monday, August 27


Okay so, yesterday Danya, Danielle B., My mazza, and me went to two different malls to go SCHOOL SHOPPING. no, it was three malls. First it was the Spectrum then Fashion Island, and then South Coast Plaza. I bought the beautifulist things that i REALLY needed. and my cash, my gift cards, change is GONE. I had like 230 dollars that i saved and some birthday money.

sweater= abercrombie
black dress= target
gray dress= abercrombie
hollister sweatshirt=hollister
purple skinny pants= old navy
skinny jeans=old navy
I bought a pair of converese that are so awesome but i couldn't find them on the internet. theyre brown slip ons ith all this beautiful patchwork on them. and the color are sooo pretty!
And I got this knit creame colored shirt from Hollister that I also couldn't find!!!! ):

Thursday, August 23

Newport Harbor?

Newport Harbor is so embarrassing!!! I cannot believe they are not embarrassed. All of them have naturally blonde hair and dye it BLEACH BLEACH blonde and it is disgusting. They're so fake and they all talk with lisps like thissssssssss. Ugh. I know they replaced it for Laguna Beach but, they should have NEVER made this show. It is probably 0987650987654 times worse then Laguna Beach. People do not act like this. They don't. And I'm watching it right now.

Here's a line that was just said:

"So, like do you think you're gonna hook up with himm?

"Welllll, I really don't knowww.

"Well your coming to my Pink Party but we can't like be alone."


Wednesday, August 22


School is almost here and I'm sooo excited! This year for science camp, it's in October not April. So I already know who my teacher is because my friend, Catie, goes to Summer TLC and she was begging Steve, the boss, to show her the list on the computer of the students teachers. She wasn't really allowed to tell anyone, according to Steve(I HATE STEVE!)but she told me. So, guess who my teacher is? MRS. MAGUIRE!!! yay! I reallllly wanted her, and she's like the nicest teacher. And two of my best friends are also in my class including Catie. Thank God I didn't get Fabrick, people tell she's a devil. And on the last day of school, people said they wanted to bomb her!!! That's pretty harsh, I mean come on, she's like in her late sixties. Anyways, I'm so happy! 6th grade is going to be so FUN!